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Seamless Tile Fills 01

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Product code: 1149

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Quick Overview:

EasySIGN Seamless Tile Fills are high resolution seamlessly tile able bitmaps.

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EasySIGN Seamless Tile Fills

EasySIGN Seamless Tile Fills are high resolution seamlessly tile able bitmaps. The EasySIGN textures are meant for software applications that support tile fills (like EasySIGN). Because they are seamlessly tile able you can tile them indefinitely to fill any size area you need. Use them in for example backgrounds or designs that need large areas filled with one structure. They are also very suitable for 3D applications to map them on 3D objects or even as website page backgrounds.

The images

All the images have a resolution between 300x300 pixels and 900x900 pixels. For offset print this size means that a single tile is between 25x25mm and 75x75mm large. For large format printing this is between 105x105mm and 317x317mm large (for inches divide mm by 25.4).

Color Space

These images are in RGB format. RGB has a much wider color gamut than CMYK, which is ideal for today’s Large Format Printers. For (CMYK) offset printing, you can convert RGB to CMYK.

Saved format

The images are saved in a PNG format for its lossless compression or in PSD format (Photoshop™) because the PSD format supports Alpha channels.

Extra information

These textures look great in detail and at any size. Like anything from EasySIGN, we have a good reputation to live up to.

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