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My software informs me that some of my licenses have expired. What should I do?

After a license expires, the software will automatically extend your license by an addittional 30 days for free: the license is said to be in its so-called grace period. You have this time to extend your license.

Extending your license is easy:

  • First start the ticket manager (Help > Licensing options > Ticket manager). The ticket manager will show you which licenses have expired.
  • Second, select a license that has been expired. You will see that the appropriate ticket in the right column will be selected.
  • Last: Press 'Renew'. If you have paid for your extension, your license will be extended.

Please note that it can take a couple of days, depending on your method of payment, before your license will extend itself. So, if your license (by means of your ticket) fails to extend, try again at a later date. If more than two weeks have passed since the expiration of your license and it still fails to extend, you should contact us.

If during the second step multiple tickets get selected, you can take a look at your subscriptions on your account page in order to find out which ticket is the right one for you. Deselect, or delete the inappropriate tickets and press 'Renew'.

If no ticket gets selected you will have to start the license manager (Help > Licensing options > License manager). Lookup the ticket in your subscriptions at your account page and follow the directions of the manager.

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2011 5:26:09 PM